Eyesight Clears

I was done praying for those near me, so I decided to go watch Dr. Clark pray for people. Right when I got there, his assistant led him away for the night. I was going to follow, but a translator looked at me and said, “Please this man needs his sight.” I thought, “Oh, man, Randy Clark leaves, and I get the blind guy!” I shoved that thought aside and decided to pray for the miracle. The first time I prayed, there was no change, so I told him a brief testimony of when I saw blind eyes healed to see if I could build our faith. After praying again, he could see blurry lights which was a slight improvement. After a 3rd prayer, there was not much change, so I asked to try one more time. This time I rebuked a “spirit of blindness,” and when he opened his eyes, he could see clearly! I’ve had Lasik surgery, so I pointed out a lady across the room that would have been blurry before my surgery. He said, “You mean the lady with her hands on her hips?” He could now see as clearly as I could!   – Benjamin, Pastor

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