Eyesight Restored

I interviewed a mom, Celia, with her two teenagers, a son and daughter. The lady was in her 50’s and was wearing thick glasses and called me to pray for improved eyesight.  We had no translator initially. It seemed she desired to see with her glasses. We invited Holy spirit to come and thanked God for His presence. Next, we commanded; the eyes to be restored to normal, lens normal flexibility and shape, no more cataracts, eye muscles normal, no retinal detachment, complete restoration of orbital cavity and optic nerve normal in Jesus Name. I asked her to read the back of my name badge which had the names of our team members with approximately font size 9.  “Wow”, she exclaimed, “look, my name is there, Celia is my name and I can read that!!” Without the translator I understood her vision had improved with glasses. The joy on the face of the mum, son and daughter said it all.  Thank you Jesus. Then I found an interpreter. We said, “take off your glasses”. This time and read the large letters in the front screen.  Celia said it was unclear. We thanked Jesus for what He had started in Celia.  We asked Jesus to continue what he was doing in Celia, to restore her vision completely.  We declared normal lens, globe, optic nerve and muscles in his name. Celia opened her eyes, looked up at the screen with a face full of joy. “I can see, I can see. those letters are clearer. Wow!” Then she took her glasses, which were in her hand and placed them on her T shirt saying, “I don’t need these now!!” – Ai Lee, Doctor

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