Falling Into Destiny

I was praying for people to do a prophetic act of stepping forward into their destiny. I was speaking over them that they were going to raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons and they would touch people and they would be healed of all skin diseases.  As everyone stepped forward, they fell forward, and I caught them with the help of other people. One man that had come by bus was watching this and he said I have never seen this before. He said he had never fallen down like this. So, I asked him if he was ready to step into his destiny and he said “Yes, yes!” As soon as he took a step forward, he fell down. I said “no, no you cannot fall down that easy!” God’s presence was just so strong, no one could stand that night. This same young man came back the next day and ran up to my line and fell down instantly. He said that he had been shot in his right ear 16 years ago and could not hear. I asked if he had forgiven the person that had shot him, and he said yes. I asked Father God for a creative miracle, that He would give him a new ear drum and even the little hairs in the ear that you need.  He instantly could hear in the name of Jesus. -Nancy, Real Estate Appraiser

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