First Time Preaching Brings Salvations & Healings

I preached my first sermon (July 11). I preached about what it means to surrender all and become a disciple of Jesus. God had completely changed my message. I did an altar call for those who wanted to be disciples of Jesus. 

About 95% of the crowd rushed to the altar and fell on their knees. Then the Glory of God came down as people began to weep and shake under the Presence of God. Afterward we began praying for the sick.

I prayed for a lady with a headache and sore throat. God healed her instantly. Next I prayed for a lady with lumps in her breast and God healed her. She couldn’t find the lumps. Praise God! After her, a teenager came up to me and said that God had spoken through me today. I confirmed what God had been speaking to him. While everyone was crying out to God at the service, he saw a vision of two angels carrying him to the continents that God will send him. I prayed a blessing over him and prayed that God would show him the reality of hell. He began to weep and saw a vision of hands pulling people out of a fire. Then I prayed an impartation. He said a fire went from my hands, ran up his arms and released a fire into his heart. Thank you, Jesus! – David

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