Forgiveness Opens the Door to Healing

A woman at ICC Hekima came to me for prayer for self-diagnosed arrhythmia as well as high blood pressure.  She told me this started about 2 months ago. As we talked, she shared that there were some difficulties at work where she was being unfairly treated.  This was something I had experienced as well and I shared how she could recognize that the feelings of hurt, bitterness, humiliation, self-condemnation and worthlessness were actually lies as nothing can take away the love and value that God places on her.  We walked through steps of forgiveness and then took a stand against the lies attacking her value and identity in Jesus, coming against spirits of anxiety, unforgiveness, inferiority and bitterness. I prayed for her situation and for the Holy Spirit to establish her in her identity in Him alone.  Then, I laid hands on her asking for healing of the irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure to be healed. She confirmed that her heart was beating normally.

Lauri, IT Director

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