Forgiveness Opens Up Healing for Two Women

I prayed for a lady who had pain in her arm and thought it might be a heart attack coming. I asked the Holy Spirit to come and felt to ask her if she had unforgiveness.

She said yes, her husband was attracted to her cousin. I talked about how unforgiveness can open the door to the devil coming in with sickness. I told her forgiveness is not a feeling. After more on forgiveness, I led her in a prayer of forgiveness. Then we prayed for healing in three areas. Her heart and knee were much better. The pain in her arm was completely gone! The look on her face was such joy. We asked God to fill her with peace and love.

When we were done, my translator said she herself was being convicted of unforgiveness herself while she was translating. The day before she had had a fight with her sister and had not responded well. So I led her in a prayer of forgiveness as well! She was so ashamed, but I told her God does not think about it again after she repents. So this was a pretty exciting double whammy for her and for me also!

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