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Generational Curse Broken for Scoliosis for Mother and Daughter

A woman named Sandra came to me. Her son was my interpreter. When she told me her name, I told her that I had a word of knowledge earlier that evening about a woman named Sandra. I had not delivered it as we were to deliver just one word of knowledge. She excitedly told me that she had looked at all of the ministry team and felt that God wanted her to come to me for prayer. She wanted prayer for her back as she had scoliosis. I laid hands on her back and invited the Holy Spirit to come. I told her to tell me if she felt anything in her body. She reported heat in her back. I rebuked the pain from her, then rebuked scoliosis and commanded the spinal column to straighten.

I commanded the vertebrae to stack up one upon another in perfect curvature. I asked her how she was feeling. She said that the pain had left. She also reported that it felt like a wind was going up and down her spinal column. I continued to pray for her commanding perfect curvature into the column. I then asked her if there was a way she moved that would bother the condition. She began to bend and twist and reported no pain. She bent over and her son, who was a third year medical student, pointed out to me the area over the right shoulder blade. He said that the area had always been elevated when she bent over, but that now it was level with the other side. Sandra’s right hand was trembling as I prayed for her. I blessed the power of God in her hand.

Sandra then brought me her 19-year-old daughter, Julia, who was suffering from a genetic condition that caused some sort of dwarfism. Julia also had scoliosis and wanted prayer. She also wanted prayer that she would grow to a normal height. I laid my hands on her back, rebuked the scoliosis and commanded the vertebrae to line up one on top of the other in perfect curvature. As I prayed for her, her right hand began to tremble just as it had with her mother. I blessed the power of God in her hand. My interpreter, Julia’s brother, then put his hand on her and commanded the pain to leave. He also broke the generational curse off of her. Julia reported heat in her back and said that all of the pain had left. I then placed my hands on her and asked for the miracle working power of God to be released into her body. I asked that the Lord would take her back to that moment of conception and rewrite her genetic code, bringing it into alignment with His will, and that she would grow to normal height. The Spirit of God came on her powerfully. She shook with power, her face flushing red, and she began to sweat profusely. The power of God flowed through her over and over for possibly about 10 minutes. When the power finally lifted, she was drenched with sweat. Julia’s mother, Sandra, then came to me again, saying that when her son had spoken and broken the generational curse, it had really witnessed with her. We prayed for her again, breaking all generational curses. As we did, the muscles on her right side, the side towards which the spine had curved, began to move in a wavy motion as though there was something alive underneath. Her shoulder was rotating in concert with it as the muscles pulled on it. After possibly five minutes, the power lifted and the muscles relaxed.

Sandra, her daughter Julia and Julia’s friend returned the following night and all reported that they continued to be pain free. – Sherry

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