Nightmares Healed for Son & Mother!

A woman came to my line for prayer after a word of knowledge for “nightmares, night terror” was given. Through the interpreter, she let me know that she was there to stand in for prayer for healing of nightmares for both her son and mother, who were not there. I could see and sense in my spirit that she was passionate for this healing and earnestly seeking it. I asked if I could place my hands on either side of her head, and she said, “Yes”.

As I looked into her eyes and began to place my hands on her, I saw God’s glory all over her face in the form of colored, glittering “dust”. I verbalized this, and my interpreter said, “I see it too!” (It was beautiful, and I wish I’d taken a photo of her face with God’s glory all over it.) The three of us had tears of gratefulness to God in our eyes as we prayed. She was” blasted”, shaking and crying out to God. I believe her prayer was answered as God raised our level of faith through the visible sparkling glory on her face. – Wanda

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