Germany – Physical and Spiritual Healing

May 3, 2013

Another woman came to me who was middle aged. She had stood for my word of knowledge of pain in the top of the shoulder. She had a pain that went from her shoulder to the back of her head and even in to her facial nerves. She felt it was connected to trauma as an infant. She had experienced the pain since then. 

I felt lead to begin to pray by thanking God for calling her number through word of knowledge, and telling her He wants to heal her. I spoke to trauma that it would leave all of these tissues. I asked if she felt anything. She said it was worse. I prayed again speaking to infirmity to leave as well. This time when I asked her, she had a very tired and frustrated look on her face saying she had received much prayer for this and Sozo. It always worsened and changed. The pain had left the shoulder and face and was now like a helmet over her head. I encouraged her and said it is just an afflicting spirit (which is something I learned that day from Tom’s teaching). We then followed the Spirit as He gave both of us information as to what to break off, repent of and renounce. She got free from fear at which time there was only a slight pressure of pain on her forehead. God revealed what to repent of and we spoke to infirmity and pain to leave and she was free! She looked so relieved. I prayed cleansing and filling over her and then she informed me that I had pronounced her name wrong during the cleansing, changing her name which means fighter to princess. She took it as a blessing from God. He is so awesome! – Melody

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