Glaucoma Healed!

During the ministry time, a lady walked up to me. She was suffering from glaucoma for many years and could not see clearly or read the letters on her conference name tag. 

After praying for about 10 minutes, asking her if there was any change as we went on, nothing seemed to be happening. I was desperate to see this lady healed, so I prayed the “secret preacher prayer” that Randy talks about. After a few moments of further prayer, her eyelids started to flutter quite rapidly. I then asked if she could open her eyes to check for any improvement but she couldn’t! The power of God on her was so strong, that she couldn’t stop her eyes from fluttering. Suddenly, the fluttering stopped. She quickly grabbed her name tag, and had an amazing smile on her face as she could see clearly for the first time in many years. Praise God!

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