Sickle Cell Anemia Healed After Soaking Prayers

Although this was not an instant healing it was pretty amazing and was the result of soaking prayer. On Friday morning, I noticed a woman lying over several chairs covered from head to toe in blankets. 

In the afternoon session I was lead to just soak her in prayer. Her mother told me she had sickle cell anemia and was in a crisis that the doctor had warned them about. He had told them that in such times she could die. At first she could not sit up or communicate. After a couple of hours she sat up and ate a little bit which the mother said she had not been able to do. That night I had Ron join me in soaking prayer over her. Just before we were called up front to pray, she was able to walk around. The next day during talks I did soaking prayer again with Cynthia over her. She was much, much better, sitting up and drinking fluids. That evening Randy had everyone needing healing to walk around seven times. She did it even though she didn’t think she could.  Later I looked up and she was in the testimony line standing straight and talking clearly with sparkling eyes. I found out her nickname was “Sparkle” when she was a little girl. To go from wondering if she would die to walking, smiling and giving glory to the love of God was a joy to behold. 

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