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God Draws Man for Healing of Brain Tumor

I received a word of knowledge in the morning for brain tumor and its location at the lower part on the back of the head. A woman came to us and told us that her husband had a brain tumor which apparently had spread all over his brain. 

She also mentioned that he did not want to come to church anymore. I prayed for her and asked God to draw him to the service that night. He came and I prayed for healing. I commanded the tumor to wither and leave his brain. I commanded the brain tissue to be restored in the name of Jesus. While I was praying the Holy Spirit touched him and the man started to cry. Then I prayed for reconciliation of the family and spoke healing into his broken heart.

The next evening he came back and brought me to his family they all cried and while hugging each other. I believe God not only healed the man’s brain condition but also brought inner healing to all the family members. – Daniel

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