God Gradually Heals Man’s Sight for His Glory

I saw a blind man from the stage that the Lord was ministering to. He had a walking stick and was clearly blind. Randy was explaining that just watching the testimonies of the healing of others can cause healing in us if we just attempt to see we are healed by Christ. You could tell this man’s faith in what Randy was saying, because he was standing and his eyes were fluttering. It almost seemed as if we were going to watch the Lord heal the man without anyone praying for him.

When we were directed to go off stage to pray for the crowd, I went directly to this man and asked if I could pray for him. He said I could and I placed my hands on his eyes thanking Jesus for His healing power and commanded the man’s eyes to open under the authority of Jesus. I then asked if his vision was better. He began to tell me that a few days earlier God began to change his vision. He went from complete darkness to seeing a shade of pink. He said God told him he would heal him so that his testimony would bring people to Him. He said that after I prayed for him he could see light. We prayed three more times and he said that he then could see shadows. Although his sight was not completely restored at the time of our prayer, he left saying his faith was that he would continue to regain his sight for the glory of God. Watching the Lord deeply root faith in this man’s heart despite his blindness was a testimony to what perseverance can do in the heart of all believers. – Diana

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