Left Shoulders Healed 80%! Youth Pastor Receives Confirmation of Gifts God Was Bestowing

I received a word of knowledge for a left shoulder, specifically for the muscles from the neck to shoulder. There were some in the crowd that proclaimed healing without even being prayed for!!! Then when the team was released in the crowd, 21 people had lined up to receive prayer for the particular condition. All of them received healing at least to 80% under the authority of Jesus. One of the people who received healing was the youth pastor for the Comilunidad de Fe Christ. He said some of the pain was gone. I declared that God was going to heal him and prayed again. Then the Lord told me that he was giving the man the gift of prophecy. I told him that God said he would speak prophecy directly from the heart of the Lord.

He was then overwhelmed by the Spirit and was taken to the floor. After 30 minutes he finally was able to get off the floor. I asked how his shoulder was feeling. He said that it was much better, but the most powerful part was that he had just recently been receiving prophetic visions and dreams and had asked the Lord just two days prior to confirm that the visions and dreams were from Him. This night He not only healed the pastor but confirmed the gifts that He was developing so that the pastor could love on the youth of Medellin, Colombia! – Diana
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