Family Experiences Multiple Healings

On a treasure hunt we met a man with a horse on his shorts and started talking to him. He was in the military and had broken his back in a fall. He also had severe pain in his toes. We prayed and the pain in his back went from a 4 to a 0. 

He bent over several time and touched his toes. All pain gone! He was so impacted that he wanted us to go meet his wife and pray for her also. She was in a different area of the complex, so we followed him. We met her and the rest of the family. She had a broken rib and had much pain. We had the husband join us in laying hands on her. We prayed a couple of times and the pain went down to a 1. The son kept pushing on her side to test it out. Then she told us about her knee. She had been in pain for 20 years, had had surgery and had no ligament in that knee. We asked Jesus for a creative miracle, a new ligament. Jesus touched her and all her pain was gone. She started doing squats and was saying, “I couldn’t do this before!” She asked us to pray for her daughter who had injured her shoulder at the sports complex. We prayed a quick prayer and she said all the pain was gone.

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