Arm, Wrist Pain Healed With Simple Prayer

A lady, 30 to 40 years old, came to me for prayer. Her main complaint was pain in her right arm. (I don’t speak much Spanish and without an interpreter at the moment it was hard to diagnose.) She pointed to the inside of her right arm, below the elbow and leading to the wrist, and then she tried to move her fingers (which are already curled).

She was hurting as she tried open her hand flat. I thought that this sounds like carpal tunnel to me. So I gently laid my fingers on the inside of her forearm just below the wrist and I prayed, “Nerves, be cleared in Jesus name. Pain, you must go in the name of Jesus.” Within myself, I wasn’t sure if such a simple prayer would work. In an instant, my heart witnessed with how much God loved this precious lady and I felt like I was like Jesus, lovingly touching someone in pain. Not denying the witness in my heart for how much he loved this lady, I said, “Try it out.” She bent her wrist inward and her face showed an amazing look of surprise. She moved it back and forth and turned it around to test the area above the wrist. I asked her, “Mucho delore (much pain)?”

She smiled and started flinging the hand around like a rag doll on the end of her arm and replied, “No.” She lifted her arms in praise and thanks Jesus, our Lord! Jesus’ love was the motivating factor, so the substance of what we were attempting to transfer in prayer did not require a long prayer. His love did the rest.

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