GSSM Prayer & Fasting Week

GSSM team praying for the city of Harrisburg

Global School students participated in a charged Prayer and Fasting Week January 10-13. The classroom was transformed into a “living room” for the week, complete with stations for prophetic art, scripture memorization, intercessory prayer, dance and other ways of engaging the Lord. Some students stayed overnight to remain in the presence inside the prayer room.

The focus of the week was understanding a strategy for city transformation–any city–beginning with acquiring a heart for our home here in Harrisburg. A model was introduced of focusing on God’s transformative presence first, understanding the heart, history, and needs of a city, and going out to prioritize the least. In addition to a prophetic tour of the magnificent state capitol building with Abby Abildness of Healing Tree International, students were challenged by teaching from Chris Dupre, Pastor Earl Harris, and Valora Bock.

GSSM team praying for the city of Harrisburg

GSSM students and staff praying over a map of Harrisburg, PA.

One day saw the classroom vacated as the whole student body went out to minister and serve a soup kitchen, nursing homes, and street ministry. In addition to many reports of personal transformation, ministry testimonies, and new understanding, there also seemed to be God’s initiation of a corporate encounter with His manifest presence. Global School is still giving thanks for this grace-filled time set apart to begin 2017!

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