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Healing before Prayer Followed by an Impartation

During Sunday morning worship, Pastor Steve Wilson invited the congregation to stand for healing.  I saw a man around 60 years old standing alone near the back and went to him. He motioned that he had pain in his side and knee. We held hands until Pastor Wilson instructed us to pray a short prayer of healing, which I did. When we were finished, he was full of joy and held onto my hand until we were able to have a translator help him with explaining what happened. He said that before we prayed, as soon as our hands touched, the pain was gone, and as a believer in Jesus, he really wanted to walk in that.  I was immediately reminded of Peter’s words when he gave what he’d freely received. I prayed for the man to receive impartation. It was awesome to realize he had been healed before the prayer was said.  Praise God!!  – Mike, Investments

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