Girl’s Leg Grows and Back Pain Goes

Thirteen-year-old Gabby came to me with back pain. We did not have an interpreter initially, but we were able to communicate minimally – enough to know if pain was better, worse, or the same. After praying and commanding pain to go and structures to be in alignment, she still had pain. A friend or family member with her kept pointing to her feet. I discerned from this (and a nudge from the Holy Spirit) that she might have one leg shorter than the other. I sat her down and had her hold her legs out in front of her. One leg was indeed shorter, so I commanded the leg to grow and her hips to come into proper alignment. Her leg grew. She stood smiling and said the pain was gone. An interpreter came by to help me verify. Her hips were now equal, as were her legs, and the pain was gone!  Gloria a Deus!  Later, she got up on stage to share her testimony of healing.  – Linda, Retired and Chaplain

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