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Healing of Glaucoma and Low Back Pain

I got up after Randy’s message when the Ministry Team was summoned. I felt a pain in my lower back. I thought, “Oh no, I have never had any back pain. I hope I am not starting to have back pain.” Up front when the team was giving words of knowledge, I wondered if it had been a word of knowledge, but decided it wasn’t because it wasn’t sharp enough and the alternative was more likely to me (I had never had a word of knowledge about pain previously). A woman came forward in response to a couple of words of knowledge. She had glaucoma issues in her eye and lower back pain. She was unable to get to the person who had the words due to the crowd so wanted prayer from me. I told her I think I had the same word about the lower back. We prayed and her back was 100% healed. She had had surgery for glaucoma 3 weeks prior, but was now experiencing pain, redness in her eye and couldn’t see well. We prayed and commanded healing in her eye. The itchiness and pain disappeared. She said she can see with her glasses in that eye though it was not clear if there was a change in her vision specifically from the prayer.

Minosha C, Aerospace Engineer

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