Hearing Completely Restored in Right Ear!

I rarely feel my words of knowledge, but today during worship I felt a sharp pain in my right ear. I understood it was a word of knowledge and when the time came I gave it. A young woman stood up.

After Steve released us to go and pray for the people, I went to her and asked what was the problem. She said she had this problem with her right ear. It was painful and she could only hear about 60%. It was popping and annoying. She had had surgery on it about a year ago and only got 10% of her hearing back, but still the pain and the popping was there. She could not hear well with that ear. I prayed and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus name and commanded the ear to be healed. I commanded spare parts to be brought if she needed them. She opened her eyes and said in a surprised way that the ear made a ”puff” sound and opened and all the pain left!! YAY God! –Sikri, Surgeon/missionary

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