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Hearing Loss Goes!

A young lady came to me for prayer because she had lost most of her hearing during the course of the previous two years. It had progressively gotten worse at a more rapid rate over the past six months. 

Her doctor had said she would most likely need surgery. I said, “Come, Holy Spirit.” Then, as I prayed healing over her, her hearing improved little by little. We stopped to test the progress several times. “Be healed. Be healed in the name of Jesus! More of your presence, Lord. More, Lord.” I was patient and waited on the Holy Spirit. I could tell He was doing something, so I kept at it. At one point, I saw the Holy Spirit take over, and the young lady fell back gently, eyes closed. While I was still standing, I leaned against my interpreter who held her up. She was at rest, lost in the presence of the Holy Spirit. After a minute or two, she opened her eyes, stood up straight, and said excitedly that she was healed completely! She could hear perfectly! After the realization, she started sobbing. We all hugged, and I had her share her testimony to some of the pastors who were nearby. Glory to God!
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