Jaw Pain Leaves Along With Headaches & Hearing Loss

A young woman came to me for prayer because she had terrible pain in her jaws, especially when she chewed, which also gave her headaches and a bit of trouble hearing things clearly. She had the problem for many months, and the doctors said she would need surgery. 

However her health insurance didn’t cover that kind of surgery, so she was desperate for a miracle. I prayed, “Come, Holy Spirit,” and then commanded the pain to leave, but she didn’t feel any difference. There was still pain. I prayed again. Nothing. I said, “Be healed in the name of Jesus,” and prayed for more of God’s presence and healing anointing and also that her jaws would line up correctly. At some point, she started feeling like God was doing something. The pain was decreasing, so I continued praying, and I continued to command the pain to leave in Jesus’ name. I held her jaws gently in my hands, praying and waiting on the Holy Spirit. I started praying peace over her, and then she started crying, so I prayed more and more peace over her. The Holy Spirit was working. I could tell by the tears. After she stopped crying, I asked her to check for pain, and she said it was completely gone! More crying but this time it was tears of joy. Glory to God!
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