Heat Accompanies Total Healing of Back!

A young woman came up to me who had back pain for two years. Because of the language barrier, I was unable to determine the cause or even the intensity. 

I said, “Come, Holy Spirit,” and she fell quickly under the Holy Spirit’s power. I didn’t even get to finish my sentence. As she lay on the ground, I prayed over her. When she opened her eyes, I helped her sit up and asked her how the pain in her back was. She said it was higher up her spine now. I commanded the pain and any afflicting spirit to leave and for her to be healed in Jesus’ name. I also prayed for more of God’s presence and power and fire over her. I asked her if she felt anything. She felt some heat, so I prayed some more. I then had her stand up to move around and check the pain. It was a bit less but was still there. I continued praying, and the heat slowly grew in intensity. She said she got really hot and kept rubbing her back because of the heat and bending a bit side to side. After a while the heat died down and I had her check for pain. It was completely gone! Glory to God!

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