Nasal Passages Unblocked in 9-year-old Boy

On our first evening at Igreja Da Paz (Oct 2), a little boy about 9 years old and his mother came up to me for prayer. The mother explained that the boy was barely able to breathe through his nose since birth.

Her explanation of his condition made it seem like his nasal passage was blocked by cartilage. I knelt down, placed my fingers on each side of his nose and prayed for his nose to be opened in Jesus Name! After five seconds I asked him to try and breathe through his nose. Immediately he was able to take deep breaths through his nosed! 100 % healed! He and his mother were very happy!

Today at the same church I ran into the boy again and he showed me that he could still breathe deeply through his nose! Praise God! The boy followed me around during ministry that day and watched as I prayed for others. Awesome!

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