Herniated Discs Healed

In Marilia, a woman named Lucinaia, about 40 years old, asked me to pray for her back pain. She told me that for the last 5 years she suffered from herniated discs in her lower back. Lucinaia agreed that I could lay my hand on her lower back while praying. I placed my hand where she felt pain and asked the Father, in Jesus’ name, to send His Holy Spirit in power to restore Lucinaia’s back to healthy condition. Then I commanded the herniated discs and vertebrae to be in perfect condition and alignment, in Jesus’ name. Next I commanded all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves to be at peace and function perfectly, and for all inflammation and pain to leave and not return, in Jesus’ name. I could feel power going through my hand as I prayed. When I asked Lucinaia about her pain level, she told me all the pain had gone. She hugged me and thanked me for praying for her. As I did for each person, I inquired about her faith and she confessed Jesus is her Lord, so I told her that she has the authority to command the symptoms to go, in Jesus’ name, if they try to return. -Stephanie, Homemaker

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