Cataracts Dissolve

I prayed for a lady with cataracts. She has been waiting to have the surgery for one and a half years. The right eye started to develop cataracts. In her left eye, the cataract covered 50% of her eye, and her vision was impaired. I chose to pray command-type prayers. In the name of Jesus, I commanded the cataracts to dissolve and be gone from her eye. I commanded her eyes and vision to be restored completely and to see clearly. After praying, she opened her eyes and said it was better but not completely. So I prayed for her again. I thanked Jesus for the healing she received thus far and asked Him to complete what He has started and heal her completely! And then He did! Thank you, Jesus! Then the next night she came up to me and told me that she can now see even better than the night before! She was so excited Jesus healed her! Praises and thanks to Jesus! – Cheryl, Retired

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