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Husband and Wife Regain Movement

Vanilta (man) was in a wheelchair from a stroke 6 years ago. He had a lot of issues. I was drawn to him during extended healing worship. He had no movement in his right leg or his left arm. I prayed for his leg, and he got his movement back. He could feel the life flowing into his leg. He described it as blood started to flow down into his leg! I stayed with him during worship time as my word of knowledge was left arm! I prayed for his arm, loved on him, but no movement was restored at that time. I prayed for his diabetes, prayed for his heart (removed trauma), and prayed against his high blood pressure. Oh and I prayed for the left leg to have full movement and against swelling. Vanilta said I want you to pray for my wife Marcio. She had limited neck movement and shoulder (neck muscle) pain. Prayed for her healing and released God’s peace. I could see God touching her, so I blessed what God was doing. Her pain was gone, and full neck movement was restored. Thank you Lord!      – Harold, GSSM Student

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