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MS Word of Knowledge

Praying for a young woman who was experiencing pain on her body, I asked her to describe the level of pain using a scale of 0 through 10. She said it was a 10. But, when I tried to interview her for the root cause, I was not able to with the first interpreter whose English was not strong enough to translate. I proceeded to pray for healing from pain. There was improvement, but I didn’t go very far. While still trying to pray for healing, the woman’s friend walked up to us. She spoke English well and started telling me that her friend (the prayee) has MS and was in a wheelchair. At this point I interjected that I received a word from God that I had not released because I released a stronger word. The word of knowledge that I did not release was “wheelchair and MS.” I explained that God wanted to heal someone with the word. The woman started crying and said that the pain was gone – instantly left her! I didn’t even get to pray the “word” over her. Praise Jesus. – Jenny, Financial Advisor

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