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Impartation Service Testimony

On the final impartation and activation service at the church the presence and weight of God was overwhelming. I laid hands on well over 100-150 people. 30 or more were blasted to the floor or their chair when I touched them and blessed what God was doing. I felt that I was serving the church in this activity and was getting radically upgraded and blessed too. The faith and energy in the room along with the heat was extreme. One of the highlights was when the Spirit began moving on the kids. I laid hands on and blessed 4-5 young kids with the help of a translator. Each got touched deeply with joy, love and peace. I released the ability to see angels on the kids by sharing my son, Tyler’s testimony of how he sees his angels and can draw what Jesus shows him. I imparted what Jesus has bestowed on my son, Tyler. During the service I also prayed for a woman with back pain, who was healed, and another with arthritis, who was healed. My own intimacy with God was greatly increased during the service and my view of how the power and love of God moves, was greatly expanded. I have never seen so many people touched by God all at once.  -Chad, Financial Advisor

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