Infection in Man’s Shoulder Goes. Woman’s Pain Healed

I prayed for a man who was standing alone rubbing his shoulder. I asked if he needed prayer. He did not understand and an interpreter came over. The man said he had an infection in his shoulder and yes he would like prayer. I prayed and ask him how it was. He said “better”. 

I prayed more and asked again. He said it was 100% better and started moving his shoulder and smiling.

I also prayed for a woman about 50 who said she had pain since she was 27 all over her body all the time. I prayed for her and she said she was better. I said that l wanted to pray again. That time she was much better said she barely felt pain at all. I asked her to thank Jesus and to keep thanking Him that evening for her healing. I felt she was to be healed completely. – Megan

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