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Injured Knees Restored

On July 6, I was overwhelmed by the number of people at the crusade and kept thinking, “Lord, this is crazy. I’m not even sure I believe you can heal people through me.” A young teen girl named Sara came to me for prayer and I could see the eager faith and desperation in her eyes. 

She started telling me her story so I got the translator to help me understand. She was in an accident a few years ago that caused her knees to hurt. She could not jump, dance, bike ride, etc without pain. The doctor told her it would only get worse and that she would not walk by the age of 40. I was horrified by the thought because I saw the anointing of dance all over her. As I prayed for her knees, she started crying and told me that she felt heat. So I prayed again. When we interviewed her, I was shocked to hear her say all the pain was gone. She was jumping and crying. God restored her knees and I believe she will dance for His glory. But God also restored something to my heart that had been lost a long time ago. – Elle

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