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The Story of Johan Escoto

 I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit as I was praying one day on my own. During that time, I received the call to minister. In 1991 I began a church under a larger ministry. When Randy Clark came to my country in 1996 and was visiting our ministry’s churches, I received a word from the Lord through him. A friend wrote the prophecy down for me that day, and I still carry it with me. What my friend wrote is, “God has given you a unique or specific anointing that will have great impact. He will send you to the U.S. and many countries, as well as Canada, with signs and wonders. You will be a prophet of fire.”

   That was the beginning of a 20-day visitation from the Lord for me. An angel came with a torch of fire in his hand and put it in my hand. Then the angel made me swallow the torch. It burned my mouth and throat. When it reached my stomach, it caused an explosion in which I screamed and screamed. Then I could not walk for 22 days without being slain in the Spirit when I tried to get up. 

 Every little sin was magnified a thousand times. I would spend nights crying in God’s presence. And people would have to hold me up to preach. Then everyone in the church would fall out or laugh and laugh. In the first meeting after the impartation I received, a woman had her arm in a cast, eaten away with bone cancer, and she was totally healed. 

Many miracles, signs and wonders have continued happening since my impartation. Through my ministry, I now travel throughout the United States and around the world to bring the message of the saving, healing, transforming power of Jesus Christ and a fresh impartation of the fire of His presence. 

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