The Story of Mike Kaylor

To say that I was disillusioned with my life and ministry would be an understatement. After thirty years in ministry and five “movements,” I was desperate for the reality of the presence of God. 

At a meeting in Toronto with Randy, my wife had been healed of a debilitating pain no doctors could explain in the upper part of her back and shoulders. I had heard of the tremendous outpouring of power and impartation happening on Randy’s ministry trips, and I knew that if my hunger was to be addressed, I would need to go where heaven seemed to be opened. As a result, I made my first ministry trip to Brazil with Randy. One of the wonderful blessings of being on the trip was the fact that there was a special time set aside to pray for impartation for the team. As I stood waiting for my time to be prayed for, my mind raced with excitement and wonder as I saw people respond to the prayer with a myriad of reactions. I thought to myself, What if I am the only one in the room that nothing happens to? 

Before I could finish that thought, Randy was standing in front of me. He began to pray as he laid his hand on my forehead. I suddenly found myself on my knees, with uncontrollable shaking and my arms flailing all over the place. As scary as it was, I did not want to stop something God was doing. I said, “Lord, let it come.” 

A heat started on the inside of me until it consumed my whole body from head to toe. I felt as though I were on fire! As this impartation continued, I heard the Lord say, “You wanted it—you’ve got it!” 

I felt a strange tingling sensation going into my forehead. It was as if an angel placed something inside there. This happened three times. I began to receive an understanding about the realm of the angelic and the angels that had been assigned to me. The impartation continued into the next night, when I had to be carried out of the meeting because I was unable to stand, much less walk. 

After this impartation, I began to notice a difference during ministry time. Once, as I prayed for a young girl, I felt a gust of wind come over me in a room that was totally enclosed. My translator said she thought that the Lord was making me sensitive to the angelic. Another time, as I was praying for a young man I put my hand on his forehead. To my surprise, he literally flew back eight feet in the air. The next person I prayed for was a woman in need of healing. As I began to pray for her, she said that the area she needed healing in was becoming hot. She received her healing, and I moved on to the next person, who told me the same exact thing. Heat was surrounding the area that needed healing! I knew then that something wonderful had been imparted to me. These things had never happened before. 

After that time, when I would pray for impartation for others, many of them seemed to receive the same consuming fire of God. As John Wimber said, “Whatever you receive, go and give it away.” I felt as if it were Christmas and I was going around giving away free gifts to anyone who would take them.

I fully believe that the impartation or download from heaven that was given to me was not because of anything that I did to attain it. It came in response to a deep hunger that brought me to a place where I could receive. 

This article is an excerpt from Dr. Randy Clark’s book There is More.

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