Knee & Hip Pain Healed Through Words of Knowledge

During the sermon, the minister mentioned he felt someone was being healed in their right knee. (About 50 people were healed before the sermon ended and the prayer time even began!) Later when prayer time came, a lady came forward who had been among those healed. 

She moved her right knee slowly up and down. The pain was gone from her knee for the first time in years, Yet as she was coming up to me, pain radiated through my hip bones on both sides (a word of knowledge). She explained that she was scheduled to have hip surgery in a couple of days. So I put my hand on her back and prayed for Jesus’ love and healing to come upon her and invited the Holy Spirit’s presence into her hips. My hand became hot, and she was taking off her jacket and fanning herself. Heat was going through her body. She was bouncing up and down from the fire. Then she reached down, touched her toes, crossed one leg in front of the other and was soon doing the twist! She was dancing and trying her hip out with no effort at all! All her pain was gone and she was dancing around like she was several years younger. It will be interesting to see what they say when she goes to the doctor and she explains what happened. “Go God! Thank You, Jesus.”

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