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Knee Injured in Motorcycle Accident Restored

December 15, 2019 in Fortaleza Brazil at the end of the Sunday evening service, we were at the front of the church to pray for people. A man in his 50s or 60s came up to me. He had a brace on his right knee and had trouble bending his knee without pain. Placing my hands on his knee, I invited the Holy Spirit to come in His healing power in the name of Jesus. I commanded the pain to leave his knee in the name of Jesus. I commanded the knee to be healed and commanded any spirit of affliction or infirmity to leave. At first he said there was about 10% improvement. So I thanked the Holy Spirit for what He was doing and continued praying, commanding the knee to be healed. After a couple minutes he checked out his knee, bending it, and he said it was 60% better. Again I thanked the Lord for what He was doing. I reinterviewed him asking him questions, and he said that the injury was caused by a motorcycle accident. It then dawned on me that one of the ladies named Shari on our team had spoken a word of knowledge during the service about a man who had been in a motorcycle accident and had injured his right leg. I told the man that someone on our team heard from God about his same situation and that it meant that God wanted to heal him. We prayed again, and after a few short prayers, he was fully healed! He could bend his knee fully without any pain or restrictions! We were both thanking Jesus! I asked him if he had received Jesus into his life, and he said that he had. It turned out that this man was our team’s bus driver!

Brendyn, City Planner

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