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Painful Protruding Wrist Bone & Underarm Pain Healed with Prayer

At the end of the Sunday morning service I prayed for a lady who had severe pain in her wrist caused by a bone that was protruding outward, forming a big bump on her wrist. I placed my hand on her wrist and invited the Holy Spirit to come in His healing power in the name of Jesus. I commanded the bone to move into its proper alignment and commanded the pain to leave. While I was praying I literally felt the bone move and shrink under my hand as it moved into its proper position. She said the pain was gone and she was completely healed! Thank you Jesus!

She then told me she had pain in both her armpit areas and had trouble moving her arms without pain. I invited the Holy Spirit to come, and I commanded the pain to leave. Shortly after praying she said the pain was all gone and she could move her arms normally without any pain. She was fully healed! Thank you Jesus!

Brendyn, City Planner

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