Left Shoulder Healed Through WOK & Pray

A young man asked for prayer for his shoulder in response to a word of knowledge and testimony Tom Jones shared about surgeries that didn’t fix the problem. The young man had undergone surgery four months prior to repair an injury to his left shoulder. 

He had been left with constant pain which was 8 of 10 and could not move his shoulder 90 degrees (perpendicular to his body). I prayed very quickly and the man instantly felt heat in his shoulder. After this first round he had about 85% mobility and his pain dropped to a 4 of 10 level of pain. I prayed three more times, each time blessing what God was doing, asking for completion, and commanding his shoulder to come into place. As I prayed I could still feel his joint was out of place. After the fourth prayer, everything moved back into place and he had 100% mobility. All of his pain was gone.

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