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Tumor in Ear Goes, Hearing Restored!

A family asked me to pray for their son who was about 9 years old. They told me that there was a tumor inside his left ear that was causing hearing loss. His hearing in that ear fluctuated from no hearing at all up to about 30% depending on the day.

After interviewing his parents I had the boy put his hand on his ear. With my hand over his, I cursed the tumor and commanded it to shrink and disappear. After about 30 seconds the boy said he felt warmth inside his ear. I blessed what was happening and prayed several more times as the warmth continued. After three or four rounds of prayer and updates he said it felt different. We covered his good ear and had the translator quietly ask if he could hear her. The boy said he could and that his hearing was about 50% better. I prayed twice more and his healing was about 80%. At this point we were out of time so I had the translator step back between eight and ten feet away. With his good ear covered and his eyes shielded so he could not see the translator, he was able to repeat the numbers the translator was speaking at a normal-conversation volume. With 80% of his healing manifested, I took him up, with his father, to have the testimony recorded. On stage he was able to hear a translator snapping her fingers from 12-15 feet away. The boy had been through medical testing and was scheduled for surgery on the ear the week following the meeting. (After he was healed I found out that the tumor was eating away a bone in his inner ear as well). Praise God! 

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