Left Shoulder Pain Word of Knowledge

During the morning worship with Pier 49 at Casa Do Pai I received a word for left shoulder. As soon as the worship ended, I turned to the man behind me and pointed to my shoulder then to his. He acknowledged by pointing to the top of his shoulder. I prayed, he wept and a gentleman standing beside him said “he says all the pain has left, 100% healed.” Later Richie Seltzer asked all present to hold hands and that God would touch us. The man behind me began to manifest, so I reached out to bless him. He fell to the floor and broke the chair. He received a powerful touch – I released to him an impartation of the gifts I carry. During the bus trip back to the hotel for lunch, Richie asked for those on the bus to give testimony, so I gave the testimony. As soon as I said “left shoulder pain” the woman sitting next to me says “I have that,” then five others all within a few feet of me (on the bus) claimed the same. I used this as a teaching example of how God works, praying for all six. The results three out of six – 100% healed immediately. Two others claimed 80% or more and one no improvement. Six people were healed at least 80% or more based on a word given during praise and worship. Thank you, Lord! – Kevin, Minister

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