Three Backs Relieved

On the first night the Global Awakening team ministered at Novidade De Vida in Fortaleza, as Richie Seltzer followed the Holy Spirit’s lead, he requested words of knowledge for physical healing be given from the stage. This is the team’s opportunity to share whatever bodily ailment or pain they felt or experienced or heard or saw from the Lord so that someone in the room might be either sovereignly and suddenly healed or healed through prayer. As several team members formed a line on the stage, I considered the pain in my back. It wasn’t a pain I commonly felt; it was in an L-shape down the left side and across the lower back. I thought it could be from the ocean’s undertow that flipped me that afternoon, but I’d had a team member pray for my back and the pain had left. Now that I was wondering if it was a word of knowledge, it returned, so I went to the front with the understanding that sometimes WOK are vague. By the time I made up my mind to get up there, several words had been given, minister and person in pain paired off, healings had resulted and people were coming to the microphone to share their testimony of the healing they had just received. The shared testimonies built faith in the room, so when I gave my WOK three men raised their hands quickly and ran forward to meet me for prayer. The first man to reach me explained his back hurt from work, and he was currently having level 5 out of 10 pain. I prayed for his back, and he said it maybe went down to 2. We praised God for the change, and he was happy with that, thanking me as he walked away. I should mention I felt nothing when it came to speaking healing to these backs: “Be healed, in Jesus’ name.” I was just obediently doing what Jesus did. Remembering hundreds of recent testimonies I’d read of others who went to Brazil with Global Awakening, an unwavering faith sustained me in believing I didn’t have to feel special. By God alone people would either be healed or not, it wasn’t on me whatever happened. The next man approached and explained when he slept he experienced the most excruciating pain, level 10/10. I asked what level of pain he was currently in, and he said level 10. “Holy Spirit come,” I invited. “Back, be healed in Jesus’ name. Come into alignment. Pain go, in Jesus’ name,” I commanded. “How is it now?” I asked the man with large shoulders and a sturdy stance. He moved around and smiled in shock, “Zero.” “He is not experiencing any pain now,” the translator explained. “We praise you, God!” I join in his moment of celebration. Then he thanks me, and the next man approaches. This smaller guy reports he hasn’t been sleeping because of constant pain for 10 years. By the third guy I’m getting better at asking all the right questions at the beginning so I can know for sure the miracle God does, but I didn’t have a notepad on me so I can’t relay all the details to you. I prayed, less than 30 seconds, inviting Holy Spirit to move in healing and commanding pain to release this man. His pain was 8/10 in that moment, but dropped to zero after two sentences of prayer. He was so happy! I insisted on adding one more prayer, that he would have the most amazing sleep that night and for many nights to come. He was grateful. It is easy for God to heal, and He is happy to.

Bonnie, G.A. Trips Intern

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