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Leg Pain Goes, Metal In Wrist Goes!

I prayed for a man with a painful nerve condition in the back of his legs. I prayed once and the tears began to flow because of the heat he felt on his legs. 

I prayed again and commanded the pain to leave and the pain left completely. I noticed a scar on the back of his right hand and asked about it. He said he fell on his job and broke his wrist. He had fractured it in several places. His doctor had inserted metal which I could see was painful and uncomfortable. I asked him if I could pray for his wrist. He said it wasn’t necessary because the doctor assured him that nothing much could be done for his wrist. He was told it would never be normal again. He could not move it or lift anything with his right hand. I proceeded to pray for his wrist. As I did, tears began to flow because of the tingling he felt coming from his wrist. He stated that the pain was becoming less for the first time in six months. I commanded the metal to melt away in Jesus’ name. I asked him to begin to do something he had not been able to do with his wrist. He began to move his lifeless fingers and twist his wrist around with tears of joy on his face. The area where the metal had been visible no longer showed any signs of metal. He was completely healed in Jesus’ Name.
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