Word of Knowledge – Ladder – Brings Healing!

During morning training I asked God for a word of knowledge for the evening meeting that night. I received an impression of a ladder (perhaps with wooden dowel rungs). I shared it this evening at Community of the Nations Church. A lady, Zela, came up. 

She can’t climb a ladder because of injury and pain in her knees. Her left knee was twisted three years ago and had pain in it since. The right knee had pain for past three months. I prayed commanding healing and restoration. There was no improvement. I found an interpreter. I asked Zela if she was angry with herself for it happening. She wasn’t. Then I learned the pain had become worse when I had first prayed. Okay, I commanded spirit of affliction to come out of her knees. She noticed major improvement (possibly complete healing in right knee) and some improvement in left knee. I prayed again and she said it was healed. Gloria a Deus! I also prayed peace and joy and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Gentle tears came as she felt His Presence.

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