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Little Girl Receives Her Sight Back

I had a vision of a mother with a very young daughter, about 4 or 5 years old standing in front of her. The little girl had a red line across the top of her left eye on her forehead, and another red line under her left eye. I sensed it was some kind of an injury, accident, trauma or illness. I spoke my vision on stage in front of maybe 800 hundred people.

She stood up and said something in Portuguese. I asked if there was something different. Karolina was smiling and said something to her grandmother. I think she said something like, it is done. The grandmother asked Carolina, if she could see her. Carolina said yes.  The grandmother said , “If you can see me, kiss my nose.” Carolina kissed her grandmother’s nose. The grandmother asked Karolina to kiss the translator David’s nose. David was on his knees. Carolina took a couple of steps to the left and kissed David on his nose. The grandmother said, “If you can see Patricia kiss her on the nose.” Karolina had a big smile, looked at me, hugged me, went back with her head, looked at me again and said, “I love you!” In Portuguese. She came in closer and kissed me on my nose. I held her and hugged  still crying, and told her I loved her.


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