Lower Back Pain Healed

I had two women with lower back pain ask for prayer and so I prayed for both at the same time and asked the Holy Spirit to come. I asked Jesus to heal them and asked if either of them was feeling God touch them. One of them answered yes. I asked the other woman to wait a moment. She tested out and was 50% better. I prayed again and it got even better. Eventually it was 90% better then 100% better!

The other woman watched this then it was her turn. She went from about 20% better to 95% better after praying 2 or 3 times. At that point, I felt to ask her if there was anyone that she needed to forgive. She said yes and I led her through a brief prayer forgiving the person. Then I asked her to check her back again. This time it was 100% better.

Chaelee, Homemaker

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