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Lower Back, Neck and Leg Pain Healed

While we were in the service on Saturday night, Randy asked us to pray for someone. The young woman behind me put up her hand and I turned around to pray for her. I asked where the pain was and she that she had pain in her lower back from a fall she had sustained as a child. 

I started to pray commanding the pain to go and her back to align. The pain was still there. So I commanded the spirit of affliction to get out in Jesus name and she suddenly started crying. She was able to extend her hands towards the ground (she previously hadn’t been able to do that). She then started to twisting her back and rotating, jumping up and down. This she wasn’t able to do this before. She was healed.

The next night she came back and said she had started to have neck pain that morning as well as pain in her legs. She said it was different from the night before. I asked her if the pain got worse when she came into church and she said, “yes.” When I asked if there was anything that had happened in her life recently or anyone she needed to forgive but she said she couldn’t think of anything. This time I had the pleasure of showing one of the translators how to pray for healing. As he prayed her legs started to shake and the pain completely disappeared. – Gimyana 

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