Man in Wheelchair Stands & Walks

On July 6th, I saw a group of people praying for a man in a wheelchair. I went over and began praying for him. After some time of praying over him, he tried to stand up. People continued to pray. After a period of time he sat back down and people continued to pray. 

He got up again and this time he stayed up! People were supporting him, helping him stay up. He began to walk, not perfectly even smooth steps, but he was walking! Glory to God! He kept walking (with support) and people were surrounding him on all sides. At several points he stood by himself. This was a personal first for me – having laid hands on someone and seeing them miraculously healed. This will go down in my personal history – my first miracle – seeing the lame walking. SO cool! I have the videos, too. This is the biggest miracle that I have seen up close and personal! How awesome is God? So much so that we would be knocked dead in His undisguised, unsheltered Presence unless He allowed us to see Him and live. He loves us so much! – Abigail

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