Man’s Rotator Cuff & Knee Restored After Forgiveness & Prayer!

With the interpreter I asked if anyone needed healing, an older guy came and told that he had a bad rotator cuff rupture in his left shoulder and arthritis in his right knee. He had had the symptoms for many years. 

We prayed a short prayer to forgive himself. He began to move his shoulder slowly at first, then much more. I asked the interpreter to ask him, ”Was the pain gone?” He gave thumbs up. We prayed for the arthritis in Jesus name and then asked if there was any change. He answered a little. We prayed again. Then I questioned him again. He said all the pain was gone. I asked him to test the knee by jumping and he started jumping. Soon the joy of the Lord came on him and he was laughing, totally healed. – Mike, Truck driver

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