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Meniscus and fracture in knee – 100% healed

After the impartation session (I went down), I got up and was about to leave for lunch when I had a few staff members of the church asking me for prayer, including Thales. He said he had excruciating pain in his right knee from a torn meniscus and fracture in right knee. Doctor scheduled surgery for him already and he was waiting to have it done. I prayed for him and filled him with the love of the Father, pain was better, about 70% less. I prayed for him once more. He felt fire in his knee and the pain was completely gone. He tried to do a few things and had full mobility. He touched his knee where he previously wasn’t able to because of the pain. All was well. He was walking without limping or pain as well as jumping. Blessed him and filled him with the Father’s love. I hugged him and felt emotional healing coming from this hug for him as well!

– Esther 

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