Pain from Tumors Leaves & Tumors on Right Side Disappear

I had a word of knowledge about a tumor in the brain. The first one who came up to me, Bernardo, had this and also a growth in his right side by the size of two fingers (maybe an inch or so). The doctor had told him that this growth was related to the tumor in his brain. He said that there was going to be an operation, but the date was not yet set. He had headaches where the tumor in the brain was and also pain in his right side.  

I commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus, and it decreased at first and then a little later all pain disappeared completely. I also commanded the tumors to wither and die and asked God to send his holy fire to burn them away. I prayed other such prayers and asked God to come with his healing power and love. Bernardo checked, and he told me that the growth in his side had shrunk a little. I prayed several times, and he checked it out and it kept shrinking until at last it was totally gone. The whole time I also prayed for the brain and the tumor there. We could not check what happened to the tumor in the brain, but all the things could be checked were gone: The headache, the pain in the side and the growth in the side. Bernardo went to the stage to share his testimony with the whole church. – Torsten 

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